H.E. Péter Szijjártó,

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary
opens think.BDPST

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Closing Remarks

by Dr József Pálinkás,
President of National Research, Development and Innovative Office

Dear Visitors,

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the think.BDPST conference, to be held on 8-10 March 2016 in Hungary. This initiative aims to gather the most notable creative and innovative thinkers of the business, NGO and political sectors with the objective of inspiring forward-thinking strategies in order to foster development in Central Europe. The event that will take place in Budapest, a city known for its vibrant start-up community also aims to position the Visegrad Group as an ideal destination for enterprises with a pioneering spirit seeking new horizons, new markets to enter.

The conference is organised by the Antall József Knowledge Centre, an independent non-governmental organisation aiming to support the intellectual development and research activities of students, researchers and young professionals in line with the philosophy of József Antall, the first freely elected Prime Minister of Hungary after the fall of Communism. The event, focusing on regional development and the new perspective of research, innovation and future technologies also enjoys the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary and the International Visegrad Fund. Please use your creativity, share with us your experience and participate in the conference!

Yours sincerely

Péter Szijjártó
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary

Dear Visitors

It is a great honour for the Antall József Knowledge Centre that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary approached us to organise a conference on regional development and the perspectives of research, innovation and future technologies. We instantly supported the idea and thought that organising such a conference was perfectly in line with the philosophy of József Antall, the first democratically-elected Prime Minister of Hungary, who served between 1990 and 1993. During his tenure, innovation was not such a widespread word and he rarely used it. Notwithstanding, innovation in the modern sense was one of his priorities. He always stressed the importance of human capital, praised the Hungarian talent, and believed that Hungary's strength lay in its ability to pick and use the right person and the right idea.

think.BDPST is not only about ideas, but ideas and their implementation. The organisers will focus on how the new technologies, new approaches, start-ups, innovative solutions, as well as the synergy between the civil society and the administration, based on strong and good governance, would ignite the whole Hungarian economy and move beyond to reshape and rejuvenate the economies and societies of the whole region.

Join us in thinking forward.

Yours faithfully

Péter Antall
Antall József Knowledge Centre