Young Leaders


The Young Leaders’ Forum (YLF), organised in cooperation with Design Terminal, the National Centre for Creative Industries, will feature outstanding young professionals, aged 25-35, soon to become important actors and decision-makers in the field of innovation, research, and development.

The main purpose of YLF is to foster a lively dialogue among young innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs who are active PhD researchers, young diplomats, and young professionals at companies investing in innovative projects. During the three-day event, the participants will have the opportunity to improve their leadership skills with the help of professional trainers. In the form of interactive workshops, YLF offers a platform to exchange best practices, experience, and ideas with the aim of creating a common standpoint on the main topics of the think.BDPST conference, such as an R+D friendly economic environment in the V4 countries or social dimensions of innovation or emerging security challenges in the age of new technologies.

As a follow-up to YLF, we plan to create an international alumni-network to enhance the future cooperation of dedicated young experts.

The Young Leaders' Forum was realised with the support of Central European Initiative.